Know what’s brewed or brewing before it’s served!

Think of this app as your crystal ball into the past, present and future for all our events, promos, new concoctions, archived stuff and more.

Special Promos

Special Promos

Not to brag but we’ve been known for throwing awesome tea parties. Be it for a Real High Tea hosted by Celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita, to award winning chefs or mixologists celebrating anything from Valentine’s Day to Christmas with Tea Inspired food, drink, and heck, even art!

Online Reservations

Online Reservations

Hate when you only heard about our event just as we’ve sold out? Detest calling to reserve a spot for an event, promo, or just to chill? Avoid it all with just a few taps and maybe a couple of swipes to have your usual seat reserved and waiting.

t Updates

t Updates

Did you know that we have an Earl Grey tea-infused ice cream plus 4 more new flavours? Do you know which of our burgers hides a special tea salt? Got wind of our all new salad range? Heard about the launch of our new and highly exclusive tea? Well, we can fix that.

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We’re not going to lie, this is a big deal. You’ll basically be the first person to know what’s going on in the t-Lounge world.

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Teas, t-Shakes, t-Smoothies, t-Mocktails, Sparkling Tea, Tea Inspired Appetizers, Mains and Desserts, all neatly presented to you on your phone or tab screen. No more googling for outdated versions!

Food Pairing


Pairing tea and food isn’t rocket science, as long as you have this app. Know which tea to pair with what food and enhance an otherwise humdrum tea experience!

Key Features
Special Promotions

Special Promos

Keep tabs on giveaways, events, celebrity appearances, limited time only delicacies, pop up tea and art galleries, tea and poetry readings, high tea for kids with the tea bears, t-Radio karaoke, tea quiz nights and more!



Only download gaming apps? Our fun, Tea Inspired games and quizzes challenge you to high scores and fun surprises. Learn, play, inspire.

Word on the Street is...

“My partner and I ordered the roast chicken crêpe and never regretted our choice. Generous helpings of chicken were found between the crepe, with the right amount of sauce to ensure it does not drip when you lift a piece of crepe into your mouth. We also tried the rainbow cupcake, which was heavenly after being warmed up. Moist inside with a dollop of icing that did not taste too sweet, it was perfection. The service accorded to us by the service staff was warm and welcoming, and so, complimented the food and drinks appropriately. Well done!”



“My first experience at the t-Lounge made me realize I have not tasted even 1% of tea in this world. They serve a broad array of tea in different forms... I went there for a business discussion and stayed there only for about an hour. That short period made a positive impression on me and I want to visit there again.”


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