The High Tea Revolution has Begun

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The High Tea Revolution has begun

In 2007, Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando felt that the High Tea occasion has lost its relevance at a time with tremendous culinary innovation as it was not crafted around tea. He felt that tea has been relegated to a bottom of a menu, overcrowded with the traditional high tea fare that lacked inspiration, originality, and most importantly, any connection to tea. As a passionate tea grower that worked tirelessly to share the joy of ‘real tea’ with tea lovers around the world, he vowed to put the ‘tea’ back in High Tea. Thus the Dilmah Real High Tea Revolution was born.

Dilmah’s Real High Tea stirred up the world of tea. This was tea with style, substance and natural goodness. Tea to transform the world’s tea ceremony- afternoon tea. It was clear that there is no better way to express the diversity, subtle influence of nature on the taste, flavour, fragrance and character of tea… than through gastronomy.

So, we partnered with chefs and hospitality professionals in re-drawing the boundaries of tea. Our Real High Tea Menu by Peter Kuruvita is your window into the revolution of tea. Peter’s exclusive Real High Tea Menu will be available at all the t-Lounges. Make a booking in advance and enjoy a tea inspired High Tea with your friends every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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Sparkling Cuvée Ran Watte

A real, welcoming tea. Ran Watte tea offers a delicate, mellow taste, with subtle fragrance, in the style of fine Champagne; the tea is gently brewed overnight and fittingly presented in champagne flutes, chilled and lightly sparkling.

The High Tea Revolution has begun

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

The perfect aperitif. The olive green Hyson leaf is tightly curled but opens dramatically when infused, yielding a medium strength amber liquor of tea embraced by Peppermint. An aromatic and zestful tea, our Moroccan Mint combines the elegance of Ceylon Young Hyson green tea with an energetic and cleansing Mint.

t-Series Designer Gourmet Tea

A collection of teas that celebrate the individuality and taste of tea from estates around the world known only for their excellence. The choice of any hot tea from our t-Series is yours.

The High Tea Revolution has begun

Fish Cutlets with Milk Rice and Seeni Sambol

Peter's take on the traditional Sri Lankan spicy fish cutlet; a combination of three of his favourite Sri Lankan delicacies. The spicy fish filling is combined with milk rice and seeni sambol, coated in eggs and flour and fried to perfection.

Ceylon Souchong-marinated Chicken & Market Vege Wrap

Moist Ceylon Souchong tea-infused breast of chicken is steamed, torn and dressed in a black pepper, tea-oil vinaigrette, and enveloped in Lebanese bread together with fresh market vegetables and greens.

Vegetarian option: Market Vege Wrap

The High Tea Revolution has begun

Italian Almond Lamb Kofta served on Pita with Salad

Dilmah’s Italian Almond Tea-infused lamb Kofta is seasoned with nuts, herbs and spices, and served on Pita with tzatziki, hummus, chilli sauce, fresh salad and a fragrant garlic relish.

Vegetarian option: Italian almond falafels served on pita with salad

Rose & French Vanilla Doughnuts

Crisp, fresh doughnuts are filled with a Rose with French Vanilla Tea-infused cream custard and rolled in a bed of fragrant cinnamon sugar.

Earl Grey-infused Chocolate Truffles

Earl Grey tea-infused bittersweet chocolate ganache coated in Feuilletine and topped with Murray River Pink Salt.

Tea-infused Marshmallows

A variety of tea-infused marshmallows, including Lychee, Almond and Rose Tea, Blueberry and Pomegranate Tea and Tie Guan Yin, are flame-roasted and served with your choice of chocolate or cheese dip.