#LoveCakeLove at the t-Lounge by Dilmah

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

Sweet Chocolate Chilli O’mine + Ceylon Ginger tea served hot

There is the sweetest indulgence at t-Lounge by Dilmah this season of Love! From its sensual aroma to its delicious texture, flavours and moist heart, Love Cake means true love in Sri Lanka. Within the fragrant square are myriad flavours which reveal the romantic and mysterious heritage of every Sri Lankan's sweet indulgence - there is rose, almond, the milky sweetness of Sri Lankan cashew, honey, that sweet spice - nutmeg, and the undisputed king of Sri Lankan spice, our Ceylon cinnamon.

This week our t-Lounges in Sri Lanka will be fragrant with the wonderful aroma of Sri Lanka's finest Love Cake. Even Chef Peter Kuruvita confessed that there is no love cake as fine as Grandmother's and so we found the perfect ingredients, tasted and refined, until we got it just right. Texture - nutty, perfect balance of semolina, honey and pumpkin preserve. Taste - fabulous, cashew, mildly caramelised on the top, rose, a hint of almond, and a lingering and sweetly piquant finish.

Our t-Lounge Signature Love Cake is also a perfect tea cake - fine tea and Love Cake are an inspired and delicious combination. For the traditionalist we suggest Ceylon Ginger Tea with Love Cake. For the romantic, we propose our Rose & French Vanilla Tea as a pairing and for the adventurer, try our love cake with Italian Almond Tea. There is one more option, but this is reserved for the sweet toothed traditionalist, it is our t-TK with Ginger, a naturally Ginger Spiced Chai, which is sweet but fabulous with love cake.