Dessford Estate Seasonal Flush

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Dessford Estate Seasonal Flush

A miracle of nature brought exclusively by Dilmah. If ever there was a tea that could be called “spectacular”, this is it. Made from the bud and first leaf of Camellia sinensis tea plants that were originally planted in 1871, four years after the pioneer of Ceylon Tea planter James Taylor first planted the teas that would form the world’s most famous tea.

This regal tea is limited and numbered, with each tea caddy being signed by its tea taster.

On the eye, silvery and coppery buds amidst dark brown leaf, which together brew a supremely elegant tea. A beautiful transformation of the infused leaf into gentle olive, amber, and brown shades. The pale golden brew is aromatic, light, gently astringent and complex. It offers a taste of spring in the mountains, with mild citrus, frangipani and mint supported by fruit notes. The initially floral tea becomes fleetingly mellow and evolves to a delicately sweet finish. This is a tea with a level of sophistication, and intricacy that is rare.

Indulge in a freshly brewed pot of the most exclusive tea on earth, Only at t-Lounge by Dilmah.

  • Per caddy 
  • Per pot
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