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Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach, Chatham Street

The Christmas Cuppa - Hot, Chilled & Sparkling

The Christmas Cuppa

  • Hot 
  • Chilled  
  • Sparkling 

A handpicked Ceylon Single Region tea that gently complements a trio of flavours in a softly spirited and energetic fusion, this fragrant Rose, Marzipan and Mint Tea is a festive, bright and elegant sip.

Homemade Christmas Cake

  • A slice 

Traditionally made and comfortingly iced, our rich Christmas cake is a classic mix of spices, dried fruit & chopped nuts. It is a sweet slice of Yuletide heaven and a must have this season.

Spiced Christmas Chai

A frothy pulled tea combining the flavours of Rose, Marzipan and Mint Tea with condensed milk, Disaronno Amaretto, ginger, nutmeg and star anise, this is a seasonal cuppa you cannot do without.

Spiced Christmas Chai
The Santa Martini

The Santa Martini

This wonderfully festive concoction gives the traditional martini a cheerful twist with apple juice, Rose, Marzipan and Mint Tea, double cream and Monin Chocolat Blanc.

Season’s Cheeses

OUR #teainspired CHEESECAKES with Moroccan Mint Green Tea Sauce | with Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea Sauce | with Rose and French Vanilla Tea Sauce

An indulgent range of cheesecakes made especially for our tea aficionados this
December; find deliciously creamy New York-style baked cheesecakes drizzled with
three tea-inspired sauces.

Cheese Cake
Duo of Cookies

Duo of Cookies

  • each Cookie

This Christmas, enjoy your favourite seasonal cuppa with a new selection of cookies available in two exciting flavours. They are freshly baked and perfect for dunking in hot, milky cups of tea!

Chocolate & Ginger Cookie

A combination of ginger and chocolate, this cookie is a sophisticated blend of sweet and spice.

OAT WITH HONEY & DATE COOKIE Wholesome, healthy and full of flavor, these cookies are the perfect tea treat this season.

Fruity Holiday Waffles

  • Each Waffle 

Delectable waffles made to accompany the finest teas we offer are a favourite at the t-Lounge. So, in celebration of the most colourful holiday of the year, we give you a special selection of holiday waffles.

The Creamy Peach Waffle

A freshly made waffle slathered in a sweet and fragrant peach topping.

Creamy Peach Waffle
Fruit Cocktail Waffle

Fruit Cocktail Waffle

A warm, crunchy waffle accompanied by chunks of soft, syrupy fruit.

Pineapple Waffle

A waffle made to order, topped with juicy cubes of pineapple bathed in a luscious honeyed syrup.

May contain traces of nuts, milk & gluten

Pineapple Waffle

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