A Tea Inspired Season of Yuletide Specials

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

The t-Lounge by Dilmah celebrates the holiday season with an exciting, new menu of t-licious savouries, sweets and holiday treats. The mouthwatering selection of savoury dishes include flavoursome roasted lamb infused with Ceylon Mint Tea and served with a fragrant cinnamon sauce, smoked chicken marinated in First Ceylon Souchong tea topped with a tahini pepper sauce and honey-glazed roasted vegetables with herbs and raisins all served with our classic waffles and crepes.

The sweet Christmas menu at the t-Lounge offers a medley of fruits soaked in ginger, cherry, cashew nuts and Italian Almond tea, and crepes and waffles topped with a traditional mince of dried fruit, candied fruit and spices.

A decadent selection of holiday cookies, tea-inspired chocolate Yule logs, rich Christmas cake served with a Rose and Marzipan Tea infused butter sauce, cranberry and pistachio biscotti, old fashioned ginger cake with vanilla sauce and homemade holiday mince pies are also a special addition to our t-vine yuletide menu at the Dilmah t-Lounge. Do try it!

Roasted New Zealand lamb with Ceylon Mint Tea & Cinnamon Sauce Crepe – Rs.820 ++ /Waffle Rs. 850 ++

Smoked Chicken marinated with First Ceylon souchong Tea & Tahini Pepper Sauce Crepe – Rs.620 ++ /Waffle Rs. 650 ++

Honey glazed roasted Vegetables Rs.620 ++ /Waffle Rs. 660 ++

Fruit soaked in ginger, cherry, Cashew nuts & Italian almond Tea Crepe – Rs.550 ++ /Waffle Rs. 590 ++

Ginger Cake with Vanilla Sauce

Old fashioned Ginger Cake with Vanilla Sauce
Rs. 400 ++

Xmas Yule Log

Xmas Yule Log - Chocolate
Rs. 300 ++ per slice

Biscotti - Cranberry/Pistachio

Biscotti - Cranberry/Pistachio
Rs. 180 ++