The Leaf and Artisan Society News - Dilmah Ambassadors Robert Schinkel And Peter Kuruvita

August 11th, 2015

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

Dilmah Ambassadors Robert Schinkel And Peter Kuruvita wow guests with Tea-Inspired Mixology & Cuisine

It says that tea offers the comfort of solitude and pleasures of company. As a part of our t-Lounge by Dilmah Loyalty Programme you will find that you are indeed in the best of company. Whether you’re just discovering the joy of tea or a tea connoisseur in search of the Ceylon’s finest, we know you share our passion for the real thing. That is why, we recognize our most loyal customers and reward them with a range of benefits throughout the year.

This July, we invited our members to attend two special events held at the t-Lounge by Dilmah at both Arcade Independence Square and on Chatham Street. The first was a tea mixology session with renowned mixologist Robert Schinkel and a tea gastronomy experience with celebrity Chef Peter Kuruvita.

Dilmah Tea Sommelier Champion and Remy Martin Bartender Style Master, Robert Schinkel hosted an exciting evening of Tea Mixology and Tasting last month at the t-Lounge by Dilmah at Arcade Independence Square, where he introduced two innovative, new, tea inspired beverages to discerning guests and members of the Dilmah Leaf and Artisan Society.

The first beverage presented that evening was the Dragonflower, served chilled in a champagne flute. The delicate and mild drink is made by mixing Jasmine Pear Dragon White Tea with the purest form of spring water and letting it cold-brew for nine hours under refrigeration.

Next, Schinkle created the Almond El Mundo smoothie, using Italian Almond tea. The tea was brewed for five minutes and blended with fresh yoghurt, honey, almond flakes, slices of pear and a pinch of cinnamon powder to create a delicious and refreshing smoothie. It was then poured into a sling glass and topped with more slices of pear, almond flakes and some cinnamon powder.

Award-winning Australian Chef, Restaurateur and Culinary Author, Peter Kuruvita hosted an evening of Tea Gastronomy at the t-Lounge by Dilmah on Chatham Street. Members of the Dilmah Leaf and Artisan Society, international media personnel, food writers and tea aficionados enjoyed tea-inspired cuisine by Peter Kuruvita, featuring the signature dish ‘Dilmah Umami’.

With contrasting flavours and textures the preparation comprised shellfish consommé infused with Dilmah tea, lagoon prawns, pangritata, beautiful cubes of apple juice and an infusion of rose with hybiscus, pickled cucumber, diced shallots, flying fish roe and organic sencha tea.

Explaining the versatile quality of Dilmah tea and its use in cooking, Peter said, “The secret to brewing tea for cooking is to brew it stronger for longer. And Dilmah offers an ever changing palette of the finest gourmet teas that offers the perfect balance of flavour, bringing tea gastronomy into the 21st century.

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