Meet The t-Bears

August 12th, 2015

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

Harold & Henrietta!

These cuddly t-Bears love a cosy afternoon on the porch. Monsoon afternoons mean blankets over their laps, cups of bright, warm tea held in their hands and pots of golden honey sweetening their teacups (bears love honey you know). Over wonderfully fragrant Ceylon tea, they nostalgically reminisce days gone by -spent together- happy and carefree. They met long ago, over a cuppa Dilmah and look at them now, sharing the same comfort years later.

We invited our guests to meet Harold and Henrietta at the t-Lounges by Dilmah at Arcade Independence Square and on Chatham Street in June to take a selfie with the two.

Everyone who uploaded a photo with the t-Bears on the t-Lounge Facebook page or Instagram stood the chance to win an exciting Long Afternoon Tea for five! Our lucky winners for May were Yasasi Rajapaksha and Gina Mirupuri Musajee and it was Danasha De Silva and Stephanie Kingson who won the offer in June.

Stay tuned as t-Bears head to China and Indonesia in the Month of August. Henrietta is excited to meeting the wonderful guests at the t-Lounges there and Harold is eager to try their t-inspired signature sips. We hope that their time spent in these lands full of history, culture and tea-inspired tradition will be t-riffic indeed!

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