12 Things for Christmas:

December 4th, 2017

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

A random act of kindness

The Spirit of Christmas is love, and that’s what happens in truth but usually just for a few loved ones. There are plenty of children and families who will be hungry and cold this Christmas as well as have no presents to unwrap. This is the situation we want to change, and so this Christmas we are going to express the true reason for the season with 12 things that we will be doing to bring Christmas cheer to some of those who may not receive as much as most. It is said that the joy in giving is incomparable to the joy of receiving. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give the less fortunate is not only a warm meal, a roof over their heads or a visit from Santa… it is also your time.

This Christmas, as part of the t-Lounge’s pledge to the list, is “a random act of kindness”. On the morning of 5th December 2017, the t-Lounge will host an interactive Christmas Puppet Show and teatime at the t-Lounge on Chatham Street for the “Reach Kids”.

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