Tall and Handsome, Introducing the t-column

August 20th, 2018

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

For the first time in Sri Lanka, The t-Lounge by Dilmah is introducing the t-Column – an uber-cool looking, contemporary replacement for the conventional tea pot. Yet, its fanciness isn’t limited to looks alone. There are several practical advantages that come with using the tea column. For one, it saves a whole lot of space – both in storage as well as on the table. Having a double-walled glass design, the insulation also helps to keep the tea warm for a longer time (ditch that tea pot warmer!), allowing you to slowly sip it while you enjoy a delicious bite or a long chat at our lounges. Of course, being glass, you can also see the extent to which your tea has brewed and control the strength of your liquor as you please. Top these with the additional fact that you could be the cool friend introducing this sophistication nouveau to your circle, and you’ve definitely got your tea-time conversation sorted! Come on and be among the first in Sri Lanka to enjoy this distinctive new tea experience – we guarantee, you’ll love it.

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