Winner of Tea in the Visual Sense

December 1st, 2017

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

The winner of our recently concluded tea inspired photography challenge is Ravi Sathyajith, and consolation prize winners are Kauchi Selvanayagam and Mafaza Haleem! Thank you to everyone else for their beautiful #teainspired entries, know that it wasn’t easy to pick just 3 winners!

Thank you again, and stay #teainspired!

Judges’ comments:

The essence of tea is its natural purity, luxury and goodness. Visually, our expectation is for those elements to be expressed through the related aspects of the colour of brewed tea, imagery depicting its natural, herbal source, the friendship and serenity that is associated with tea, the elegant presentation and appreciation of tea. The entries that we received offered different perspectives on some of these elements and whilst some focused on a contemporary still-life imagery which did not integrate the uniqueness of tea, others were similarly disconnected from the requirement for the essence of tea to be presented in that they offered imagers of tea plantations or other tea related scenes that did not embody the essence that has emotional aesthetic dimensions.

There were several very good images although the winner is Mr. Ravi Sathyajith who presented an image of tea with the aspect of serenity, a hand about to lift a teacup in which the tea reflects the sunlight as it filters through a window. The book that is placed next to the cup suggestive of the other appeal of tea – its ability to be a wonderful companion in moments of quiet as when one is reading the book. Whilst congratulating Ravi we also wish to commend Ms. Kauchi Selvanayagam who presented a very different aspect of tea. This is an image that many Sri Lankans will find endearing with milk being poured into a rich and strong tea, and the milk forming clouds as it mingles with the tea. An energetic presentation of tea which has positive and personal emotional appeal. Finally, Ms. Mafaza Haleem very elegantly presents tea in a beautiful setting, emphasizing the emotional aspect of love for tea is love, nature, goodness. The presentation is aesthetically pleasing whilst also suggestive of the tradition of afternoon tea.

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