Business As A Matter Of Human Service

August 4th, 2015

Chatham Street, Arcade Independence Square, Negombo Beach

The humanitarian dimension of Merrill J. Fernando’s Dilmah business has focused on empowerment with dignity, as the most effective way of assisting the underprivileged. The MJF Charitable Foundation efficiently designs, manages and monitors humanitarian interventions, and is formed around the notion that business has equal potential in addressing issues of poverty alleviation as those of commerce.

The MJF Charitable Foundation’s efforts at integrating Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and underprivileged youth into their communities with dignity through skills development and education Its success in doing the same amongst reformed prisoners, differently able adults, the plantation workforce and in offering dignity to thousands of disadvantaged and marginalised women, all prove the potential for businesses to change the world by seeing commerce as a means to an end, profit as a component in serving the true purpose of business – of serving the community and its environment.

Today, funded by the Dilmah Family and revenue from the sales of Dilmah, the MJF Charitable Foundation designs, funds and implements over 100 projects each year. As Dilmah has grown, so has its positive humanitarian and environmental impact. It is ranked amongst the largest private charitable foundations in Asia with a minimum 10% of the pre-tax profits of the Dilmah Tea and allied companies funding its operations. It is also a tribute and symbol of appreciation to the millions of Dilmah Tea consumers around the world who are stakeholders of the MJF Charitable Foundation. It is a vision realized by the philosophy that makes business a matter of human service.

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