Leaf & Artisan

  • How can you join the Leaf & Artisan Society?

    It’s as effortless as sipping a cup of tea. If you frequent the t-Lounges by Dilmah, anywhere in the world, then we know you are a true tea lover. Join our Loyalty Programme (The Leaf & Artisan Society) by requesting your t-Lounge loyalty card from the outlet you frequent the most and enter a world of exclusive taste and true refinement today.

    True t-Lounge loyalists will also receive an invitation to become a part of an exclusive tea infused world of indulgence. This invitation reserved for a select few and will welcome you to an exclusive society of tea enthusiasts.

  • What are the benefits of joining the Leaf & Artisan Society?

    Join our Loyalty Programme, the ‘Leaf & Artisan Society’ and enjoy many a delightful tea experience throughout the year.