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At Dilmah t Lounge, we're pleased to reward your loyalty by offering you the opportunity to be a member of the Leaf & Artisan Society, an exclusive society of tea aficionados.


The pleasure in fine tea begins with the purity of the bud and two leaves of Camellia Sinensis. In the hands of the expert and passionate Teamaker, the Leaf is transformed into tea. The Teamaker is an Artisan since that the leaf and bud are delicate, and their evolution must honour the influence of Nature, with manufacture that is gentle and exacting. Our Founder, Merrill J. Fernando acknowledged these priorities in devoting his life to tea, and in making a commitment to tea made in the traditional style –a technique perfected over centuries. The Leaf and the Artisan are two indispensable elements in crafting fine tea and they are the symbols of the Society to which we invite our guests at the t-Lounge.

Whether you are simply discovering the joy of tea or a tea connoisseur in search of the world’s finest, as a part of our t-Lounge by Dilmah Loyalty Programme, we know you share our passion for brewed perfection. This is why we pride ourselves in giving you the best Ceylon tea experience in the world.

What more pleasurable way to be part of a select group than with a taste for true refinement…

How can you join the Leaf & Artisan Society?

It’s as effortless as sipping a cup of tea. If you frequent the t-Lounges by Dilmah, anywhere in the world, then we know you are a true tea lover. Join our Loyalty Programme (The Leaf & Artisan Society) by requesting your t-Lounge loyalty card from the outlet you frequent the most and enter a world of exclusive taste and true refinement today.

True t-Lounge loyalists will also receive an invitation to become a part of an exclusive tea infused world of indulgence. This invitation reserved for a select few and will welcome you to an exclusive society of tea enthusiasts.

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  • What are the benefits of joining the Leaf & Artisan Society?

    Join our Loyalty Programme, the ‘Leaf & Artisan Society’ and enjoy many a delightful tea experience throughout the year.



Enjoy the following benefits with Leaf & Artisan Society’s Jade Tier:

  • 5% discount on selected gift items purchased at select t-Lounges by Dilmah
  • Exclusive member offers – Enjoy limited edition tea’s,
  • Special tea recipes
  • Exclusive invitations to tea inspired events
  • at the t-Lounge by Dilmah including celebrity Chefs



Enjoy the following benefits with Leaf & Artisan Society’s Gold Tier:

  • 10% discount on all beverages and retail purchases at select t-Lounges by Dilmah
  • Personalised Dilmah 3-slot presenter
  • Personalised tea mug
  • Opportunity to participate in the exclusive Dilmah School of Tea through raffle draw
  • Annual tea inspired event with Dilmah Family
  • Complimentary copy of Dilmah Tea Inspired Cuisine & Beverages Cookbook
  • Exclusive offers and invitations detailed above