Tea of the Month - October 2017

IBN Battuta Mall

Natural Infusion of Blueberry and Clove

Italian Almond

A medium strength Ceylon Tea, fragrant and with a slightly sweet Almond finish. The tea has a nutty, sweet edge with a rich body. Ideal taken with sweet cakes and pastries, or for something different, as a t-Shake, brewed strong, cooled and poured over vanilla ice cream.

A delicious union - a medium strength Ceylon Single Region Tea from the Nawalapitiya region, fused with the bittersweet flavour of Italian Almond - our tea of October is Dilmah's Italian Almond Tea. Fragrant and rich, the almond and the mellow, malty note that is typical of teas from this region, combine in indulgent harmony, to produce a deep amber infusion. The tea is enveloped by a deliciously piquant aroma of almond, producing an engaging brew with a nutty, sweet edge and soft but prominent character. It is a perfect 'dessert tea' or accompaniment to afternoon tea. Do try it!

A pot of freshly brewed Leaf Tea, served hot

Paired with Vanilla Cupcake

A pot of freshly brewed Leaf Tea
Vanilla Cupcake

A t-Jar of freshly brewed Leaf Tea, served chilled

Paired with Churros


Tea-infused Ice Cream

A tall glass of brewed Leaf Tea, served sparkling & chilled

Italian Almond Tea-infused Ice Cream