Tea of the Month - May 2017

IBN Battuta Mall

Tea of the month - may 2017

Vanilla Ceylon Tea

Our Tea of the Month – a light and bright Ceylon Single Region Tea with a sensual and aromatic finish. The combination of high grown Ceylon tea and the inspiring aroma of Vanilla make this a very special tea – fragrant, indulgent and bright. The tea is in perfect balance with the creamy and rich aroma of Vanilla. Ideal taken straight, and if sweetness is desired, add a touch of honey to taste. While the tea is infusing, savour the fragrance of tea mingling with Vanilla.

Enjoy our Vanilla Ceylon Tea served hot, chilled or sparkling.

For a Real Tea inspired treat, order our combination offers:

Hot  /  Iced  /  Sparkling

A Pot of freshly brewed Vanilla Ceylon Tea Leaf Tea, served hot, is paired with our crepe or waffle topped with Thai Chicken Sub

A t-Jar of freshly brewed Vanilla Ceylon Tea Leaf Tea, served chilled, is paired with a slice of Banana Cake

A tall glass of brewed Vanilla Ceylon Tea Leaf, served sparkling and chilled is paired with our t-TK Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey